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Psychic Chakra Spa by Psychic Angela. Located in Satellite beach, Florida 32937. Tarot Card Readings are also available for social events. Serving most of Brevard county including, Melbourne, Melbourne beach 32951, Indian Harbour beach 32937, 32925 Patrick Air Force Base 32925, Palm Bay, Viera 32940 32955, Rockledge, Suntree 32934 , Eau Gallie 32934 32936, 32940 Palm Shores.

Love Life Analysis $150

Love Life Analysis or Relationship compatibility $150
Receive detailed and honest information on your Love Life. Predictions of future love or relationship compatibility. Thru her predictions you will know what to look forward to and what to avoid. She will give you clarity where needed.


Chakra Balancing 


Tarot Card


A ten card spread giving you insight on your past, present and future 6 to 12 months.

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Psychic Angela is a clairvoyant,
Intuitive life coach, psychic medium and chakra energy healer.  

Chakra Spa By Psychic Angela is a spa for your spirit. Readings with Angela cover your past, present and future. Over 18 years of experience helping people through her spiritual gifts. Psychic Angela will see the future of your  love life, career , finances, health and more.

Let  Psychic Angela help you achieve spiritual awareness and improve your life!
Call 321-821-8048 to set an appointment

Psychic $70

 A Psychic reading with Angela will give you insight into many different areas of your life that you may need advise on. Such as love, career, health and more.  She will give you Answers without asking a single question. This reading will allow you to see where you are now and the path you are going on in the future. This reading can also be combined with the tarot card reading.